EUNJOO LEE, Korea Meteorological Administration

Data Assimilation for KMA local model with extended domain

Hyun-Cheol Shin, Eunhee Lee, Jung-Rim Lee, Sangwon Joo


Korea Meteorological Administration(KMA) runs operationally Local Data Assimilation and Prediction System(LDPS) which uses its lateral boundary conditions from KMA Global Data Assimilation and Prediction System(GDPS). (KMA operational models are based on Unified Model(UM) of UK Metoffice.) Normally, limited area model has several issues related to forecast performance such as high resolution observation data assimilation and lateral boundary condition from bigger model with low resolution. KMA has focused on the improvement of KMA LDPS forecast performance since last year. To capture better synop-scale features and reduce the impact of discontinuity at lateral boundary, model domain is extended. More observations in the western part of extended LDPS model domain are assimilated and so the extended LDPS is expected to produce better initial condition of synoptic flow which is approaching to Korean Peninsula. Also, the assimilation of high resolution satellite data and ground GNSS data is developed for extended LDPS.

File available here