Sharanya Majumdar, University of Miami

Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) for Tropical Cyclones

Robert Atlas


Traditionally, decisions on observing systems have not been adequately supported by studies that estimate quantitatively their impact on numerical weather prediction. Recently, Observing Systems Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) have been developed and used, with the goal to inform on major decisions on the design and implementation of satellite observing systems. This collaboration focuses on the use of OSSEs for tropical cyclone (TC) analysis and prediction, with an emphasis on TC structure and intensity. To achieve this, high-resolution Nature Runs that accurately resolve the inner core of a TC have been developed using global and nested regional modeling systems. The modeling and assimilation systems used in the OSSEs are of operational quality. Examples of satellite observing systems under investigation are future geostationary hyperspectral sensors, CYGNSS surface winds, spaceborne Lidar, and enhanced GPS radio occultation. Additionally, the optimal use of current and future platforms aboard manned and unmanned aircraft is being investigated. The OSSE framework and key results for multiple platforms will be presented.

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