Alena Trojakova, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Assimilation of high-resolution aircraft Mode-S observations in ALADIN/CHMI

Patrik Benacek, Antonin Bucanek


Modern air traffic surveillance systems (Mode-S radars) have received substantial attention in recent years due to its capability to provide not only an accurate knowledge of the position of the aircraft, but also meteorological information (de Haan, 2011; Strajnar, 2012). The mandatory Mode-S Enhanced Surveillance (EHS) parameters contain indirect meteorological data, while optional parameters from the special Mode-S Meteorological Routine Air Report (MRAR) register provide direct observation of both air temperature and wind. We shall present an assessment of quality of new aircraft Mode-S observations available in the airspace of the Czech Republic. The state-of-the-art NWP system ALADIN operationally used at Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ALADIN/CHMI) is used to evaluate an impact of the Mode-S observations on forecast. We will discuss further optimization of new aircraft Mode-S data assimilation, in particular optimal data thinning and tuning of the weight of Mode-S observation in the assimilation system.

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