Mon 18th July

# Name Title
1 Kristoffer Aalstad An ensemble-based subgrid snow data assimilation framework
2 Lilo Bach Ensemble data assimilation for regional reanalyses
3 Ross Bannister Properties of three methods of representing non-Gaussian background error distributions for moisture
4 Elisabeth Bauernschubert Assimilation of Radial Winds in an Ensemble Kalman Filter on the Convective Scale
5 Michael Bender GPS Slant Delay Assimilation for Convective Scale NWP
6 Philip Browne A comparison of the LETKF and the equivalent weights particle filter on the barotropic vorticity model
7 Vincent Chabot Diagnosis and normalization of wavelet-induced background error variances
8 Stefano Ciavatta Decadal reanalysis of biogeochemical indicators and fluxes in the North West European shelf: Towards operational ecology
9 luisa D'Amore New strategies and algorithms to solve Data Assimilation problems in Oceanography efficiently on next generation computing systems
10 Sylvain Delahaies Variational methods to estimate terrestrial ecosystem model parameters
11 Andrew Lorenc The benefit of generalised "localisation" of ensemble covariances
12 Krystof Eben Comparison of water vapour analysis increments derived from different data sources
13 Adam El-Said Conditioning of Weak-Constraint 4DVAR
14 Ronald Errico Characterizing Background Error with the NASA/GMAO OSSE
15 Xiangbo Feng Calculation of coupled error covariances from Coupled ECMWF Reanalysis
16 Alison Fowler The impact of observations with correlated errors: a one dimensional study
17 Yasutaka Ikuta Data Assimilation with Adjoint Model including Three-Ice Bulk Cloud Microphysics
18 Bruce Ingleby Impact of a large reduction in the number of Russian radiosonde reports
19 Mohamed Jardak The Met Office "Mean Pert" Scheme
20 Ivan Kasanický Hybrid EnKS/4DVar assimilation in the WRF model 
21 Tom Kent Using an idealised fluid model to evaluate EnKF performance in the presence of convection
22 Nobumasa Komori Ensemble-based Experimental Atmospheric Reanalysis using a Global Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean GCM
23 Amos Lawless Allowing for model error in strong constraint 4D-Var
24 EUNJOO LEE Data Assimilation for KMA local model with extended domain
25 Yi Li A regional ocean data assimilation system
26 Guo-Yuan Lien Radar data assimilation at sub-kilometer scales
27 Sujeong Lim Case study for the typhoon in the KIAPS 3DVAR system
28 David Livings The Probability of Weight Collapse in the Weighted Ensemble Kalman Filter
29 Rahul Mahajan Hybrid 4DEnVar implementation for the NCEP GFS and future directions
30 Jan Mandel Assimilation of MODIS and VIIRS satellite active fires detection in a coupled atmosphere-fire spread model
31 Andrew McRobert Improving the LPJ-GUESS modelled carbon balance with a marginal particle filter data assimilation technique
32 Richard Menard Chemical data assimilation using tuning of error covariances
33 Benjamin MENETRIER Optimized localization and hybridization to filter ensemble-based covariances
34 Hind Oubanas On the model error treatment in variational DA using the ’nuisance’ parameter approach
35 Olivier PANNEKOUCKE Parametric Kalman filter for chemical transport models
36 Rémi Pellerej Toward variational data assimilation for coupled models : first experiments on a diffusion problem
37 Luke Phillipson Improving Short-Term Ocean Current Predictions with 4D-Var : Is There an Optimal Observational System?
38 Cesar Quilodran Fast data assimilation for improved ocean weather forecasting over the North Brazil Current
39 Lei Ren Forecasting and hindcasting of surface currents for Galway Bay using sequential data assimilation algorithms and High Frequency CODAR data
40 Yvonne Ruckstuhl Parameter estimation using the ensemble Kalman filter approach
41 Ka Wai Siu Applying the ETKF to inverse problems
42 Zbynek Sokol Nowcasting of hailstorms by the COSMO NWP model
43 Matthias Sommer An adaptive additive inflation scheme for Ensemble Kalman Filters
44 Olaf Stiller A cross-validation method for observational data and its application to IASI cloud screening
45 Koji Terasaki High-resolution global atmospheric data assimilation experiments with an ensemble Kalman filter
46 Chris Thomas Using lagged covariances to improve our understanding of circulation in the Atlantic Ocean
47 Marie Turcicova Modelling diagonal covariance matrix in spectral space
48 Martin Weissmann Using MSG SEVIRI infrared satellite observations for convective-scale ensemble data assimilation
49 Dustan Wheatley Real-time storm-scale data assimilation and forecasting experiments for NOAA’s Warn-on-Forecast Project
50 James While Variational bias correction of Sea Surface Temperature observations in ocean data assimilation.
51 Ting-Chi Wu Assimilating Satellite Precipitation Observations in Applications to Analysis and Predictions of Tropical Cyclones using the NOAA HWRF System