Wed 20th July

# Name Title
1 Nadeem Aamir Transformed and Generalized Localization for Ensemble Methods in Data Assimilation
2 Stephan Adam First Assimilation of Rotational Raman Lidar Temperature Data Into WRF
3 Javier Amezcua A weak-constraint 4D-Ensemble-Var
4 Kevin Bachmann Predictability of convective precipitation using the idealized COSMO-KENDA forecasting system
5 Deep Sankar Banerjee A simpler approach of evaluating the Representative Error for Data Assimilation by regriding a high resolution ocean data into a coarser resolution grid structure
6 Ross Bannister Unexpected background error statistics of convective-scale atmospheric models
7 Antonín Bučánek Analysis of large-scales in LAM?
8 Brett Candy Land Surface Data Assimilation at the Met Office
9 Hristo Chipilski The Search for Gaussian Moisture Variables at the Convective Scale
10 Elizabeth Cooper Improving Flood Models Using Data Assimilation
11 Unn Dahlén Evaluating the use of a SGSA to estimate parameters of LPG-GUESS
12 Gérald Desroziers Development of 4DEnVar at Météo-France
13 Nelson Feyeux Optimal transport for data assimilation
14 Jonathan Flowerdew Initial trials of convective-scale data assimilation with a cheaply tunable ensemble filter
15 Gernot Geppert Identification of characteristic model-observation deviations for coupled data assimilation
16 Samuel Hatfield The use of inexact hardware in data assimilation for improved weather and climate prediction
17 Takumi Honda Assimilating Himawari-8 Brightness Temperature: A Case Study on Typhoon Soudelor (2015)
18 Lars Isaksen The Ensemble of Data Assimilations (EDA) at ECMWF
19 Takuya Kawabata Development of assimilation methods for polarimetric radars at storm scales
20 Heiner Lange Assimilation of Mode-S EHS aircraft observations in a local EnKF
21 Daniel Lea The new Met Office Coupled Atmosphere/Land/Ocean/Sea-Ice Data Assimilation System
22 Hongze Leng An improved ensemble variational data assimilation method
23 Daniel Leuenberger Operational Convective-Scale Ensemble Data Assimilation at MeteoSwiss
24 Bainian Liu A Modified Nonlinear Wavelet thresholding filter in ensemble data Assimilation
26 Sharanya Majumdar Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) for Tropical Cyclones
27 Sebastien Massart Can the assimilation of atmospheric tracer improve the weather forecast?
28 Richard Menard Theoretical foundation of error covariance estimation methods based on analysis residuals, with examples derived from realistic surface observation network
29 Nancy Nichols The error of representation: treatment and estimation
30 Suping Nie Assimilation of FY-3B MWRI soil moisture over China using the EnKF method
31 Shigenori Otsuka Space-time extrapolation of precipitation with data assimilation
32 Olivier PANNEKOUCKE Parametric Covariance Propagation in the non-linear diffusive Burger equation
33 Sam Pimentel Data assimilation with filtering methods that use Kullback-Leibler distance
34 Flavia Pinheiro Exploring synchronisation ideas in nonlinear data assimilation
35 Ewan Pinnington Investigating the role of background and observation error correlations in improving a model forecast of forest carbon balance using four dimensional variational data assimilation
36 Corey Potvin Convective-scale analyses and forecasts obtained using LETKF vs. serial data assimilation
37 Nina Raoult Land surface parameter optimisation through data assimilation: the adJULES system
38 Andreas Rhodin Choice of localisation length scales in a hybrid EnVar/LETKF
39 Fathalla Rihan A Basis for Improving Numerical Weather Prediction by Assimilating Doppler Radar Radial Winds
40 Juan Jose Ruiz Ensemble based data assimilation at the mesoscale using large ensembles
41 Hyun-Cheol Shin Recent Improvements of KMA Regional Data Assimilation System for better forecast of severe weather over East Asia.
42 Patrick Skinner High-Resolution Ensemble Analyses of Tornadogenesis in the 31 May 2013 El Reno, Oklahoma Supercell
43 David Sursham Improving Marine Ecosystem Understanding and Predictions using a Novel Data Assimilation Technique
44 Ricardo Todling A Second Look at a Filter-Free Approach for Hybrid Ensemble Assimilation
45 Alena Trojakova Assimilation of high-resolution aircraft Mode-S observations in ALADIN/CHMI
46 Joanne Waller Diagnosing observation error statistics for AMV observations
47 Martin Weissmann Height correction for the assimilation of atmospheric motion vectors based on satellite lidar observations from CALIPSO
48 Chris Wilson Estimating Amazonian methane emissions through 4D-Var inverse modelling with satellite observations from GOSAT and IASI
49 Ting-Chi Wu Practical details of assimilating GPM/TRMM hydrometeor retrievals with WRF model
50 Akira Yamazaki Arctic OSE studies by using the AFES-LETKF data assimilation system